About us

Aimly is an iconic, irresistible, and fast-growing go-to destination for high-quality activewear and lingeries designed to make you feel confident and comfortable every day. We’re a self-sustainable brand that has come a long way since our inception. Our journey began with the aim to fill the gap in the Indian lingerie market where outwear has evolved, but innerwear remained unaddressed.

Our wide presence in the PAN India offline distribution network and entrance into the marketplace allowed us to identify the need for more comfortable and sustainable activewear and lingerie choices for women. We recognized that cotton fabrics provide unmatched comfort and breathability as compared to other synthetic fibres. This realization led to the birth of “Aimly Lifestyles”.

We take pride in our ability to provide attention to detail and ensure to offer the perfect fit for every body type at affordable prices.



“The Creators” of Aimly

Mr Bhagirath Swami

Mr. Bhagirath Swami has laid down the foundation of Aimly with around more than a decade of enriching experience in the women’s innerwear manufacturing company. His exceptional dedication to solving the issues in the Indian lingerie market have been instrumental in shaping Aimly's brand identity.

Mr. Madan gopal swami

Mr. Madan Gopal Swami is amongst the two pillars of Aimly and has started his career as an accountant in a Delhi-based women's innerwear manufacturing company. He possesses humongous experience with the innerwear’s material quality and design which suits the Indian women's body type.

“The Forces” behind Aimly Lifestyles

Mr Shubham Swami

Mr. Shubham Swami a banker by education but an entrepreneur by passion is the real gem behind the big and bold ideas for Aimly. His versatile experience in R&D, consultancy services, sales management, and operations for various companies has helped the Aimly brand to grow efficiently.

Mrs Divya Swami

Mrs. Divya Swami, co-founder of Aimly has made a tremendous contribution towards the company's growth and success which cannot be overstated. Her significant involvement in the operations & logistics of Aimly by leveraging her skills and experience in e-commerce platforms has helped the company to drive growth.

  • OUR Vision

    We strive to be the leading activewear and lingerie brand in India that offers high-quality, sustainable, and affordable intimate wear choices to women for everyday comfort across the country.


    To bridge the gap in the Indian lingerie market and be the go-to brand for intimate wear for women seeking comfort with breathable fabrics, and fashionable lingerie that is accessible to women in every aspect of life.


    We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in her skin, and are working to turn this into reality with long-lasting customer relationships.

Social Empowerment

At Aimly, we believe that women's empowerment is the key to building a better society. Our goal is to empower women by creating a safe and inclusive environment where they can feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Everyday Comfort for You

Our dynamic product size system is based on real body measurements to ensure that you get the same style and comfort every time you shop with us. We believe in providing our customers with lingerie that fits perfectly and makes them feel confident and comfortable.

quality design

Our unlined intimates are made to accentuate your natural form, helping to bring self belief, comfort, and elegant support to your first layer by combining luxury fabrics with innovative design.

Quality Design & Breathable Fabrics

Our unlined intimates are designed to enhance your natural form and provide elegant support, comfort, and self-belief. We use natural and breathable fabrics and innovative design techniques to create lingerie that is both stylish and functional.